On the Prowl

I have been a member of the Classic Cougar Community forums since 2012 – joining soon after purchasing my first Cougar. The ownership of a tribute Eliminator lead me to desire to own a real one. I began researching Eliminators shortly after becoming a member of the forums and discovered that these were very rare and unique cars.

They were only in production for two years – 1969 and 1970. The Eliminator package was only available on a standard hardtop, no XR-7’s or Convertibles. The package included a 351-4V and a 3 speed manual as standard. However, multiple performance options were available. Buyers had the opportunity to upgrade to a 390-4V (1969 only), the 302-4V BOSS, and the 428 CobraJet. A C6 Automatic and Toploader 4-speed were available upgrades. Knowing this, I began researching about production numbers and which options were the most scarce. I initially decided I wanted a 1969 Eliminator, as I thought the hood on the 1970 version was unattractive. Further research (and lots of photos) eventually convinced me that the 1970 was unique, and the hood was an acquired taste. Deeper research into production numbers, and a fascination with high-revving V8’s, led me to settle on the BOSS 302 variant. Just a regular BOSS wouldn’t be good enough, though. I decided the rarest and highest performance BOSS was the one I wanted. Only fifty-eight 1970 Eliminators were optioned with the high-revving 302 engine and a rear end gear ratio designed for the drag strip: the W code 4.30 gear setup. Why? Because I knew I wouldn’t be happy unless I had the best. See the oil cooler? Pretty freaking cool.

For the next 4 years, I performed a daily search for various cars, Eliminators included, and saw a total of four of these rare optioned Eliminators come to market. One of the cars, restored to a very high level, broke the record auction-sale for a 1970 Eliminator – selling for $195,000 at Mecum.

It was throughout this period, and still today, that I was in contact with Mike B., a fellow Eliminator enthusiast who provides an invaluable service to the community by assisting the Eliminator Registry and documenting cars that have been offered for sale. In 2016, Mike informed me of a guy in Pennsylvania who owned a very rare 1-of-4 built 1969 Eliminator, but it wasn’t for sale. Being a sucker for rarity, I was intrigued and began contact with Skip in 2017 regarding his car. We spoke on the phone for over a year before making the trip to Carbondale PA in 2018. We agreed to purchase the car and my dad and I spent the next year making payments to Skip. In 2019, we hauled the car home.

Despite owning arguably the rarest 1969 Eliminator, I still have the desire to own a 1970 BOSS with the W code rear end. As of mid 2020, I have only witnessed six of these cars become publicly available for purchase.

Now, I’m not sure where I initially decided that this particular combination was my ‘dream car,’ but at some point (early on), I made up my mind that I wanted an original Competition Green Eliminator with White interior. Oh, and that rare rear end combination – can’t forget that. With only 58 cars built, it is very possible that not a single car was optioned like this. Competition Green was a rare color to begin with, and most of them had black interior. This goal of mine was reinforced when, in 2012, my dad made a deal to purchase a 1970 Mustang Mach 1. Not an average Mach 1, though. An R code 428 SCJ car with a factory 4-speed toploader and a W code 4.30 rear end. Oh, and the car was originally Grabber Green (Ford’s name for Competition Green).

This made me desire a green Eliminator even more. Trust me when I say I’ve had actual dreams about owning and driving one. What would be cooler than parking my green Cougar Eliminator next to my dad’s green Mach 1? Nothing – that’s what. For the past 8 years, I had my doubts that this specific Eliminator was even built. However, as of July 2020, I discovered that this specific car does in-fact exist. A 1970 Eliminator originally optioned with a BOSS 302, 4-speed top-loader, a 4.30 rear end, Competition Green paint and White (decor) interior. I believe it is the only one that was built.

Only time will tell if I become the owner of this car…

The Cougar Eliminator Den – San Diego CA

One thought on “On the Prowl

  1. Great story, it sounds like you have the same addiction as I do. When I was little my father and I went on a road trip south of Ohio. It was out intention to find a nice body 69 Cougar for my mother. We found one, 1969 red with white convertible top and white interior. I remember my dad thought it was too much money at $2200 I kick myself so many times for not talking my dad into buying it. To this day I wonder where the car is located. Oh did I mention it was a 428 car… yeah what a missed opportunity. I was maybe 14 when we found that car and I remember getting all the information from the car and contacting ford to find out how rare of a car it was. I remember them sending me a nice letter back explaining how extremely low production it was but to this day I don’t recall the detail. Anyways I thought I’d share that with you. PS… to this day I have a low mile 69 that I haven’t even driven yet. Maybe I’ll get time together it running this year. Take care, -Joe


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